Today Gawker published the first installment The Apple Store, an original self-published novel by @Seinfeld2000 which was censored from over copyright concerns by Warner Brothers'. Not much is known about the real person behind @Seinfeld2000, except he is a 30-year-old man, possibly Canadian, who works "in television and write[s] for a few popular websites." (For good background, read this Muckrack interview.)

In an attempt to better understand @Seinfeld2000 and his work, we asked him some questions over email:

The Apple Store is over 16,000 words long. Honestly, in our Era of Distraction, I don't think many people read anything over ~500 words. Can you sum up the book for these lazy people?

The Apple Store is a story about what happen to the 'sienfeld' caracters exactly 15 years after the show was canceled by NBC in 1998 due to low rateings. So it show's them in 2013, and like how there dealing with all the technology and like sociel advancements of the curent day. Life hasent treated Jary, Garge, Elane or Kragdar v well. So its all about thier fall from grace or whatever but theres also like redemptien. In the word's of Krame, "its a story about love, deceptien, grede, lust and unbridle enthusiasem." Lena Dunem and "presedent" (LOL) Bary Husane Obame are major caracters in the book also. This review from the Ann Arber Review of Books does a good job of explaning it. Here is the initial press relese that went out.

How do you feel about Warner Brother's taking down The Apple Store?

Honestly? Im prety upset abt it for a couple reasens:

First, The Apple Store is a PARADY of Sienfeld and im not like a copy write laywer but Im prety sure your alowed to parady things and I didnt even use the caracter's real names. Thats how Weird Al Yankvaic is alowed to copy the music of like Lady gaga and its all cool. But for some reasen a mega conglamarate like WB has decide to go after a guy who's only desiare in life is to imagen what Senfeld wuold be like in modarn today.

And then like secendly, umm, ya, so I just looked up Warner Brothers wikipediea. Turn's out that for 14 year's they produced a show called Mad TV which imagens what Mad magezine would be like if it was on TV. My point is that Mad TV whoale bread and buter is parady, and the have paradied many TV show's that are not preduce by Warner Brothars. Prety hypocritecal IMO (in my opinien).

Why did you write The Apple Store using Seinfeld characters instead of your own?


How many copies did you sell before Warner Brother's took it down, and how much money did you make from it?

I sold 296 copys of The Apple Store and made exactly $816.13. I havent seen any of that money yet, howevar. And maybe this wold be a good place to ofer my sincere apolagy to the 296 ppl who purchesed The Aple Store. Im sory that am just giving it away for free now but as far as im concern, i would not have done this had the Warner Brothars corporatien not force my hand. Plese blame the compeny that thought a racist frog would be a chill mascot.

What's with the spelling?

My speling is probably the bigest point of contentien where Seinfeld2000 is concerned. I have been told that if i improve my speling i wold probably have a lot more folower's on twiter. Its prety eliteist to be honast. Look, at the end of the day Im just not greate at speling but I have been working on it. In the meantime here is a twete that sum up how i really feel about the whoale issue.

What was your process like while writing The Apple Store?

It took me one week. The story just flowed as if the hand of the Lord god almightey was controling my hand's. I woke up earlier than i usuely do before work and then would continue when i got home at nite.

Who are you?

Im just a man who derive a great deal of plesure from imagening what Sienfeld would be like if it was still on TV today.

Is it true that you're Canadian?

I think that in a way, deep down we're all canadian. Does that make sense?

The creators of @SeinfeldToday, your arch-nemeses, just got a sweet TV-writing gig. When are you going to get a TV-writing gig?

Totaly valid questien. I wonder if Warner Brothars is hiring? No but serieously congratulatiens to @SeinfeldToday on their TV show writing job and Im looking forwerd to imagening what the show will be like if it was still on TV after its inevetable cancelation.

Gold Apple iPhone 5s or Samsung Galaxy S4?

Real talk, probebly Samsang Galexy Note II

Anything else to add?

For sure, plese follow my twetes.