An interview with @Seinfeld2000, author of The Apple Store

Today Gawker published the first installment The Apple Store, an original self-published novel by @Seinfeld2000 which was censored from over copyright concerns by Warner Brothers'. Not much is known about the real person behind @Seinfeld2000, except he is a 30-year-old man, possibly Canadian, who works… »9/04/13 5:20pm9/04/13 5:20pm


Live Q&A with Art World Bad Boy and Facebook Millionaire David Choe

Chances are you first heard of graffiti artist, illustrator, and multimedia enfant terrible David Choe when Facebook’s IPO made him somewhere in the vicinity of $200 million. But that story (he took equity rather than $60,000 in cash from Sean Parker to draw as many “giant cocks” as he wanted on the nascent social… »8/21/13 6:15pm8/21/13 6:15pm

Robert Kolker Talks Lost Girls and the Long Island Serial Killer Case

Robert Kolker's Lost Girls, a book about the victims of the Long Island serial killer, covers the standard true-crime territory: the potential suspects, the police investigation, and the details about the crimes themselves. But more importantly, the book, through exhaustive reporting, details the lives of the women… »7/17/13 12:40pm7/17/13 12:40pm

Chat With Brett Martin Who Wrote That GQ Article You're Talking About

GQ's most recent July issue ran an excerpt from the book, Difficult Men: Behind The Scenes Of A Creative Revolution: From The Sopranos and The Wire to Breaking Bad to Mad Men, by writer and author Brett Martin. The piece was from The Sopranos chapter called, "The Night Tony Soprano Disappeared," and it centered on the… »6/21/13 4:05pm6/21/13 4:05pm

A Discussion With Cryptome

When the Guardian and Washington Post published their blockbuster NSA reports based on Ed Snowden's leaks, journalists lined up conga-style to congratulate them on the scoops. Not Cryptome. Instead, the secret-killing site blasted the Guardian and Post for only publishing 4 of the 41 slides that Snowden gave them… »6/19/13 2:23pm6/19/13 2:23pm

I Can't Stop Reading This Review of Tao Lin's New Novel

We can and will stipulate first of all that Tao Lin is an overbearing self-publicist with a literary career attached, and that he is given to extremely irritating poses. This, however, tells us nothing about whether or not Tao Lin, as a novelist, has any artistic merit; there have been, historically, plenty of… »6/13/13 5:09pm6/13/13 5:09pm